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Standard of Perfection – Inspirational Videos

I recently was participating in a discussion regarding obedience training. Without getting into the actual discussion here, I made a comment that “it all depends on ones standard of perfection”. What picture do you have in your head of the Ideal you are striving to achieve. You may watch a 200 score performance and think “my dog could never do that”, or you could be thinking “someday I’d like to achieve that”. Others may watch a 175 score performance and be quite content seeing that level of performance as their goal. Although I always say it’s as easy to train for 200′s as it is for 175′s please note that Training used in this manner means teaching the behavior. Not the hours of training and levels of proofing to assure a 200. And despite being able to train for a 200 not all of us want to wait till our dog and we are ready for that 200.

Just the same, I think if I asked many of my competitive students what compelled them to get into competive performance sports many would tell me it was from watching a certain dog and handler at an event. A few may say it was the thrill of seeing their dog glide through the moves with energy and enjoyment. Either way, they saw a “standard of perfection” that they wanted to see again. However nowadays some savvy dog owners are coming to performance training because they have an intelligent (and possibly energetic) dog who needs a “job” . Or they have heard that training and canine performance activities are good activities for both person and dog in the terms of physical activity, stress reduction, and enjoyment. It is for those owners, and others who have long since forgotten their original Standard of Perfection that I am listing these videos for you to watch! I hope you find them to be Inspiring!

Here’s an ESS. Note: this is at a match show, so corrections may be seen!

A Brussels Griffon

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Schutzhund Style Heeling but well done video!

Fun! A Great Dane Drill Team!

Here you go…not a 200 but I love this one

Hi everyone! I’m transferring another valuable post from my old blog to this one. Some of you have read it before, but I feel it’s worth repeating here especially as rescuing homeless dogs is now a popular way to find a new canine companion and many are of mixed or unproven descent. Enjoy:

Calling all owners of Mixed breeds who enjoy training and other activities with their dogs: Did you know that your dog is now eligible for AKC Performance events? Visit for more information.

Although I feel strongly about the promotion of purebred dogs and think there is nothing better than a carefully bred/raised purebred puppy; I also know from experience that there are some intelligent, eager mixed breeds who’d love to strut their stuff in the performance rings! Although mixed breeds have been welcome in other performance venues for a number of years (Ambor, ASCA, and I believe UKC) the AKC performance rings are still among the most prevelant/accessible. With the AKC creating a program that allows mixed breeds it means that most mixed breed owners in our area now have lots of opportunities to participate with their dogs in Obedience, Rally Obedience, and Agility (as well as tracking and other activities). My first two obedience trained dogs were mixed breeds. (the second I trained at the age of 11 with Kaye …anyone who knows my age now knows that this was many years ago! LOL) I remember watching the purebred dogs owned by the training instructors and hearing a little about the activities they did. I wanted to get involved but didn’t know how. I’m sure since my dog was a mixed breed and this was just a basic obedience class…no one thought to discuss it with me. I was a determined child, but not outgoing (believe it or not) so pursuing the idea was something that wouldn’t happen till I was an adult. Needless to say I am Excited to see what opening doors to mixed breeds might do for people and their dogs in terms of having fun in performance events! The next top handler might just be a young 11 y/o who thinks she can’t go to dog shows because she has a mixed breed dog. And now she can!

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