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Its here…the special incentive program I hinted at a few weeks ago on Facebook!

Do you train at Dog Sense and actively participate in an activity with your dog, such as rally obedience, therapy work, pet training, or other activity? Does your dog attend daycare? Do you regularly read our facebook page or blog? Would you like to have the opportunity to help promote dog sports and activities to others and earn special incentives and prizes? If so, join our Ambassador program!

Email Wendy for more Information on our new and unique opportunity!

Open for Daycare!

We plan to open for Daycare at our usual time! Looking forward to a day of play with our daycare dogs!

Due to the flooding, classes for this evening are cancelled.

We have not yet made any decisions about daycare Friday or the weekends classes. Please check the blog tonight or tomorrow for updates. Or to join our mailing list and receive updates via email, email Wendy!

We hope everyone stays inside, dry and safe this evening!

Dog Sense Students are heading to the Tail Waggers Trot Sunday Oct. 9th! Email Wendy at to join in the fun! We are looking for a team captain and at least four other persons. Each person will be responsible for raising a min. Of $25. Dog Sense will be offering gift certificates and incentives to all of our team members!


Hi Everyone!

With the end of summer, it seems like our school has just reopened too! Lots of new students are joining classes or inquiring about private lessons. I am currently in the process of training a few people to help me with calls. Although I love to speak with customers directly, it can take hours to return all of the calls and answer all of the questions by phone. I am working on a few ideas to further improve the website so that some of the more common questions can be answered here. In the meantime, a few suggestions to help you receive prompt attention to your inquiries.

- our evenings are typically filled with teaching. If possible leave a daytime phone number for us to return the call during our normal calling hours.

- if contacting us via our guestbook, please make sure you check back for our reply. Your email does not show to me when I receive your post, and unless you check the box to be able to receive my reply by email…you may think I haven’t answered you when I have!

- if possible, please contact us directly by email if not by phone. All emails are replied to Monday through Thursday. We check once in the morning and once later in the day. If you dint receive an email reply, something may have gone wrong with the system.

- starting in two weeks we will also have a receptionist on duty 5-7 pm Monday through Thursday. Although we do have weekend classes, our instructors do not answer calls or return messages on the weekends. As always, we do our best to also answer the phone or return calls during daycare hours (M-F 7:30 am – 6 pm)

As always we look forward to helping you and your dog in any way that we can!

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