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What do you feed your dog? Have you encountered any health issues that were resolved upon switching your dog to a different diet?

We have tried a number of diets with PWD River, due to hsi allergies. Now he gets Perference ( a dehydrated base from Honest Kitchen ) and mix with cooked protein, usually ground turkey, and Precise Holistic kibble. we get both at Woof N Tails. He is allergic to beef,duck, beets, corn, and inhalation to some grasses as well, according to blood testing. We are considering switching to raw. Currently trying him on Atopica (meds) to control itchiness. He was comfortable on prenisone, but liver values got too high. Amanda is researching raw diets. I’d love to hear specifics about what others feed.

Dog Sense: dog training, sports, and learning center
Wendy here (tried to change to my personal profile since we have others who post for Dog Sense)…
Ive weaned three litters of puppies onto Honest Kitchen. I was always very pleased with it. I think it’s a great choice for those who wish to feed a raw type diet but need to simplify the process.
I tried feeding the frozen raw diet that Woof and Tails carries. I loved the ease of feeding it, the safety of the ground bone mixed in, and even the price. Unfortunately Fire, who is a good eater, turned up his nose consistently. Fire has digestive issues, and is frequently gassy. Ive tried pre and probiotics, dry food, soaked dry, yogurt, and different diets. So far grain free is the best but still gets him kicked out of the bedroom!
My other dogs are currently fed Evo, but having had some stool and eating issues with it recently, I’m working in switching to a different food. I haven’t settled on the right one yet. I’m considering trying a combination of dry and raw. I know its a bit controversial, but I’ve done it before.
The puppies are on Precise Plus Puppy with some meat and yogurt added. They are doing well on it.
I’ll keep everyone posted on my diet switch with my older dogs and how it goes. I look for low gas, hard lean weight, and a shiny full coat with low shedding.
Btw, it takes about two months to see the external effects of a new diet.

Eric and I feed our 8 dogs what is called the whole prey model diet. Since we believe that dogs are carnivores they only need meat, bone, and organs from a variety of different species (chicken, turkey, cow, pig, lamb, goat, deer, fish, etc). We don’t add any grains, dairy, or fruit and vegetables as we feel they are not needed in the canine diet (controversial I know). The only supplement we give currently is a pro-biotic/digestive enzyme mix to our one border collie who seems gas-ier without it. We have been feeding this diet for almost 3 years and have had nothing but success. Before switching to raw we fed very high end performance kibble (Wellness, Solid Gold, Taste of the Wild, etc and we always mixed several brands together). When we switched to raw we saw differences in muscle tone, coat condition, teeth/breathe, amount of stool, water consumption, and activity levels.

Dog Sense: dog training, sports, and learning center
Thanks Kim! It should be added that Kim and Eric are very competitive and successful Flyball competitors with all of their dogs. Performance dogs who need to be in the optimum of condition. Having seen their dogs they are solid muscle, in healthy lean condition, and shiny!

Thanks Wendy for the compliments. And if anyone has questions about the raw diet we are more than willing to help answer questions. The scientist in me has done lots of research on diet but I usually don’t share unless asked.


I have a 3 year old gray and white landseer newfoundland. He has had digestive issues, the worst diarrhea, all of his life up until about 9 months ago. I tried every food available from cheap to the most expensive kibble out there, vet diets included. Nothing helped. Then one day a sales rep. stopped in at Woof’n Tails, where I work, and convinced me to try their goats milk. Guaranteed it would work. I gave him a few ounces the next day and he had his first firm stool ever the very next day! I kept him on it for quite some time and decided to try their raw diet as well. He did great until January when he developed a nasty hot spot. Then every month, once a month, he would develop another. Hair loss and flaky, oily skin followed. We did allergy testing and found he is allergic to everything I was feeding him! I then consulted with Leslie Osborne of Harborwoods Veterinary Clinic. We put him on chinese herbs and totally eliminated kibble from his diet. (I had been feeding 1/2 kibble, 1/2 raw to save $$) Within a week his skin cleared up. His hair is growing back, he is back to playing with toys and is very happy as am I. I now feed him Aunt Jeni’s raw Turkey diet. It is the only one without kelp which he is allergic to.
Soooooooo…LONG story short, I chose an organic, commercially prepared raw diet for Bo both for peace of mind that he was getting all the nutrition he needs and for convenience. We both love it!

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Wendy Keyser, thanks for the input! What an interesting diet journey you’ve been in with Bo. Im sure it was a relief to find out about the kelp allergy!

Kim, how is your new puppy doing on raw?

Ketch is doing very well on his new diet! He took to it right away and we have had very little digestive issues. So far he has enjoyed chicken, turkey, and red meat. The great thing about feeding raw (to puppies and adult dogs) is the amount of waste decreases and Ketch is only needing to do #2 twice a day……a big difference from the 4-6 times/day that kibble feed dogs do.

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My golden, Maggie, tends to put on the pounds quite easily. She’s a little older now so it’s important for her hips to keep her slim, much to her dismay. I feed her Califormia Natural since it has very few ingredients and goldens are allergy prone. To supplement her diet, she gets green beans for supper with pumpkin and in the morning she gets a spoonful of plain non-fat yogurt forher digestive tract. i try to keep her treats holistic. She also gets anything I drop on the floor :) I recommend the green bean diet to anyone who is trying to get some pounds off their dog.

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Fire just started his raw diet. He loved his chicken thigh! I fasted him first for a day, then began. So far so good! I tried to start Georgia on it, but after licking the chicken a few times she moved away and laid down. Not sure what I’ll do with her, she’s a very fussy eater as many Sibes can be.

Tonic is staying on a commercial diet for now, but I’m exploring the option of adding raw meat. I know it’s a bit controversial, but I’ve done it many times with other dogs. For her, I plan on adding a commercial raw purchased at Woof and Tails! The commercially prepared raw diets are a great for eliminating the mess and the planning.

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