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Holiday Party Tomorrow!

In case you missed the flyer at school or the announce,net on our Facebook page, here’s one last reminder about tomorrows Holiday Open House Party! Drop-in 1:00-6:00 we will have vendors, pet photographs, pictures with Santa, and special deals on training and daycare! Hope to see you there!

In the process of moving our discussions from Facebook to the blog, we came across a discussion post made by our client and friend Christina. We are moving it here, as I feel there’s a valuable statement within this discussion. Christina mentions that her son is trying to work with a Pit Bull who’s displayed agressive overtures towards other dogs. However he’s found that most schools and trainers Have turned him away due to the dogs aggression problems. It always saddens me to year someone say ” My dog was Kicked out of class” or “we didn’t graduate from our doggy school class”, and worse yet are the people who are dismissed from a class due to their dogs behavior without any help or guidance. We understand that in most of these cases the severity of the problem is simply greater than the instructor was prepared to handle in a group class. But most often the dogs owner is left with little guidance or a concrete plan to work through the dogs issues. Certainly we live in a time when so many people go online, take a course in dog training or canine behavior, maybe do a short apprenticeship with a local trainer or such and then begin teaching. These types of instructors simply don’t have the knowledge and experience to safely work with these dogs. Others may be restricted in what they can say and do because of a corporate ” boss” who won’t allow them to work with the more severe behavior cases and may also silence them from referring such a case to the experts who can help them.

In order to avoid wasting your time and money with such a trainer, stay tuned form our upcoming post on How to Select the Best Intsructor for You and Your Dog.

In the meantime, read on and feel free to join in our discussion on Pit Bulls and training!

My son is dating a gal who has a pit…he spend a lot of time with her but she is very aggressive towards other dogs…I recommended some obedience and socialization and bought the dog a gentle leader….he said it is hard to find any one who will allow an aggressive pit n school or day care or the like. The last two time my son socialized this dog, the other dogs were bitten in the face and blood was drawn. I feel like there has got to be some kind of solution. He says the dog listens well, the problem is other dogs. Any suggestions?
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Hi Christina,

Great idea with the Gentle Leader!

There’s a lot we can do with training and behavior modification, however its a long road of work ahead depending on the severity. Pits and other Bully breeds are always welcome at Dog Sense. However a dog who is defensive and aggressive towards other dogs is not ready for daycare type socialization.

She and her owner and your son should start with private lessons and then move into our Control Class where they will have lots of opportunity to work on the dogs social skills. Some dogs then progress from there to our regular group classes.

It should also be said that some dogs will never be comfortable enough with new dogs to be able to socialize safely with direct contact. However good manners and control (without direct contact) Are achievable!

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