It’s looking like Winter took a wrong turn in PA this year, but at Dog Sense we aren’t complaining! Warmer temperatures have us already thinking about spring classes, trials, and other fun activities to do with the dogs!

If you’ve ever found enjoyment in a cooperative game or activity, whether it’s a rousing retrieve game, a hike in the woods, or a fun game of catch, dog sport activities may be a great new hobby for you and your dog! If you enjoy music and teaching your dog tricks, consider Musical Canine Freestyle. If your dog has a passion for play and a nose that never quits, k9 Nosework is a fun new sport that requires minimal expense and time, and is proving very enjoyable for dog and owner. For those who enjoy precision in movement, and a close partnership with their dog (or for dogs who prefer to be close to their owners!) competitive obedience or rally obedience may be the sport to try! A dog who can stop and drop on command, heel off leash, and retrieve something you drop or throw is truly a useful and connected companion! Classes for all of these sports, and others including Treibball and Agility are starting again soon! If you aren’t certain which activity is for you, give Wendy a call for a free evaluation!

The thought of spring also brings to mind the start of our next Dog About Town class! This six week class offers a flexible schedule, and the opportunity to develop your dogs manners to a higher level. Training occurs around “town” where the skills you’ve taught your dog are proofed against real life challenges. This class is suitable for any dog who’s completed our Advanced Manners class, or for our Canine Good Citizen and therapy dog owners who want to keep their dogs skills sharp! Orientation for Dog About Town is scheduled for April. Class attendance is limited to the first 10 dogs and handlers.

For our current Obedience and Rally students, there are some great local trials coming up this spring starting with the Celtic Cluster in March! It’s not too late to get your dog ready for Rally or Obedience! Call Wendy today to enroll in a competitive obedience class or Rally Obedience class. For our Competetive students, don’t forget our annual membership! If you train at Dog Sense year round, the annual membership is a great deal! Even if you skip a session or two, it is still a good value. Memberships accepted through February!