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I apologize for the lack of blogging this summer. Most of our updates now get posted on Facebook. However, it’s been brought to my attention that some people are still a bit uncertain about Facebook and even though you don’t have to be a Facebook member to see our page, I have heard that you are reluctant or unsure as to how to about viewing it. I plan to make a concentrated effort to return to posting updates by blog too so that we don’t miss anyone in our announcements!

To bring everyone up-to-date; we are now offering a Stay and Train Daycare option on Saturdays. No, this is not a day where you remain at daycare with your dog! We simply assigned it a separate title as the Saturday program is different from our regular daycare options. We are open Saturdays from 7:30pm until 2:00 pm. the Saturday program is limited to a smaller number of dogs than usual, due to the individualized attention they are given during the day. Saturday Daycare dogs have the option of receiving obedience training, extra exercise, and agility training. FMI call us at (717)509-5652 or email us at Wendy@

We have also welcomed back Drop In Pet Agility on Saturdays at 11:30. Pet agility is an open enrollment class,with a drop in run through style format. You may come when you want, pay as you go!

Finally, our newest and exciting program is an Ala Carte Beginners program. This program is available to any age dog, 12 weeks and up, who’s owner desires to teach or improve upon certain behavior skills. Our Ala Carte classes offer the convenience of attending class when it’s convenient for you, paying as you go and the opportunity to repeat a lesson that your dog needs extra help with. However, for a money saving option we also offer punch cards at a reduced rate. Rates are $20 per lesson, or a punch card for 6 lessons/$98. If you’re just starting out training your dog, you won’t want to miss week 1 on Sept. 22 at 9:30 am! The lesson that week will be; Sit, Down, and learning theory. Classes rotate on a four week schedule. A Graduation certificate is achieved after attending six classes. Graduates from our Beginner Manners or Puppy Kindergarden classes are welcome to join us on any week for a refresher of the exercise. Our upcoming schedule is as follows:

9/22 lesson 1- Sit, Down, and Learning theory
9/29 lesson 2- Attention and Manners
10/6 lesson 3- Leash Walking/Heel
10/13 lesson 4- Come when called and the Whistle recall
10/20 lesson 1 (see aforementioned lesson)
10/27 lesson 2
11/3 lesson 3
11/10 lesson 4
11/17 lesson 1
11/24 No Class
12/1 lesson 2
12/8 lesson 3
12/15 lesson 4
12/22 No class Holiday break
12/29 No class Holiday break

Its here…the special incentive program I hinted at a few weeks ago on Facebook!

Do you train at Dog Sense and actively participate in an activity with your dog, such as rally obedience, therapy work, pet training, or other activity? Does your dog attend daycare? Do you regularly read our facebook page or blog? Would you like to have the opportunity to help promote dog sports and activities to others and earn special incentives and prizes? If so, join our Ambassador program!

Email Wendy for more Information on our new and unique opportunity!

The following is a reposted from Dec. 1, 2009 originally posted on my old blog.

I recently participated in a month long study of Karen Pryors newest book Reaching The Animal Mind. One of the things the book answered for me was “WHY” is the dog more responsive to the mechanical “click” than to a spoken word. I knew it was, I have seen it time and time again amongst the dogs in class who’s owners use a mechanical click vs those who use a word paired with the reinforcer. The dogs with the mechanical clicks learn faster and work differently…more “sharply” and possibly with a bit more focus. But I couldn’t explain the “why’s” beyond the possibility that perhaps the owners timing was simply off. (it has been proven that the timing of the click Is faster than the timing of a spoken word)

This book discusses the Amygdale, the small area of the brain that is a common factor in all animals right down to the smallest/simplest of creatures. While I’m not a believer the evolution theory, I do believe all living beings follow a similar “blueprint”. The book explained that a part of this blueprint is the inclusion of the Amygdale even in living creatures who’s brain is fairly simple. Apparently the mechanical sound, triggers a response deep down in the brain (at the Amygdalia) which has a fast, lasting effect on the animal.

Here is an explaination, in Karen Pryors words, that I hope will also help explain the speed and enthusiasm that develops in the Clicker trained dog.

All animals, right down to crabs and fish, anything with a nervous system, pickup on the importance of the message in conditioned reinforcers, because of the way they work in the brain. That click, properly used, goes through theamydgala, creates chemical changes, neural changes, memory, AND a feeling ofexcitement that stays with the learner, no matter what the species. Moderntraining, using a marker, taps into a very old system that we normally only reach when we frighten the animal—and then it’s a completely different kind of message, going through another part of the amygdale and creating chemicalchanges, memory, and a feeling—a bad feeling, never quite forgotten. – K. Pryor, as written to DogRead 2009

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