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Obedience and Rally
Show and Go’s!
Dog Sense Learning Center
809 New Holland Ave.
Lancaster, PA 17602

Saturday January 12, 2013 Rally

Rally Excellent: 11:30 am
Rally Advanced: aprox. 1:00pm
Rally Novice: approximately 2:00pm

Limited to 15 entries per class.

Sunday January 13,2013 AKC Obedience

Utility 8:30 am
Open approximately 10:00 am
Novice approximately 11:30 am.

Entries limited to an overall total of 30

$8 first entry, $5 each addl. entry of same dog. Enter as many times as you’d like!

Pre- entry only. Late entries will be accepted only if space allows.

Please note ring size is aprox. 34×40 fully matted

Crate space is limited! We will have some crates available on site for your use.

Training party afterwards on Sunday at aprox. 1:00. Party includes open ring training time, food, and drinks. Any exhibitors wishing to stay for the training party are welcome to do so for an additional cost of $10. Building will remain open until approximately 5:00 pm. *Rally exhibitors and students of Dog Sense are welcome go attend the training party Sunday even if they aren’t entered in the Obedience Show and Go.

Hot dogs, drinks, and snacks available.

Show and Go And Training Party Entry Form
(Pre-reservation not required for the Training Party)

Dogs Name:______________________ Breed:________________________________

Owners Name:__________________________________________________________



Phone:________________________ Email:__________________________________

Classes entered:________________________________________________________

Jump Height:___________________

Please enclose $8 per entry, $5 per addl. entry of same dog. $10 for Sundays training party.


Agreement to Hold Harmless, Waiver, and Assumption of Risk

I understand that the attendance of a dog training class, or any other dog related activity is not without risk. I hereby waive and release Wendy Jordan, Dog Sense with Wendy Jordan, her associates, workers, and members from any and all liability of any nature, for injury or damage which I, or anyone attending with me, including my dogs, including specifically but without limitation, any injury or damage resulting from the action of any dog. I expressly assume the risk of such damage or injury while attending any training session, or while being in the grounds of the training school or any activities organized by the school.

In consideration of and as inducement to the acceptance of my match show/run through entry, I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless these people from any and all claims, or claims by any member of my family or any other person accompanying me to the training session while on the grounds of the training school, or any activities organized by the school, as a result of any action by any dog, including my own.

Dog Sense, and Wendy Jordan reserves the right to use it’s discretion to terminate the participation in classes of anyone deemed to be detrimental to it’s business or objectives.

Signature_____________________________________ Date:______________________


Parent/guardian signature (under 18)____________________________________________

Print Name____________________________________

I apologize for the lack of blogging this summer. Most of our updates now get posted on Facebook. However, it’s been brought to my attention that some people are still a bit uncertain about Facebook and even though you don’t have to be a Facebook member to see our page, I have heard that you are reluctant or unsure as to how to about viewing it. I plan to make a concentrated effort to return to posting updates by blog too so that we don’t miss anyone in our announcements!

To bring everyone up-to-date; we are now offering a Stay and Train Daycare option on Saturdays. No, this is not a day where you remain at daycare with your dog! We simply assigned it a separate title as the Saturday program is different from our regular daycare options. We are open Saturdays from 7:30pm until 2:00 pm. the Saturday program is limited to a smaller number of dogs than usual, due to the individualized attention they are given during the day. Saturday Daycare dogs have the option of receiving obedience training, extra exercise, and agility training. FMI call us at (717)509-5652 or email us at Wendy@

We have also welcomed back Drop In Pet Agility on Saturdays at 11:30. Pet agility is an open enrollment class,with a drop in run through style format. You may come when you want, pay as you go!

Finally, our newest and exciting program is an Ala Carte Beginners program. This program is available to any age dog, 12 weeks and up, who’s owner desires to teach or improve upon certain behavior skills. Our Ala Carte classes offer the convenience of attending class when it’s convenient for you, paying as you go and the opportunity to repeat a lesson that your dog needs extra help with. However, for a money saving option we also offer punch cards at a reduced rate. Rates are $20 per lesson, or a punch card for 6 lessons/$98. If you’re just starting out training your dog, you won’t want to miss week 1 on Sept. 22 at 9:30 am! The lesson that week will be; Sit, Down, and learning theory. Classes rotate on a four week schedule. A Graduation certificate is achieved after attending six classes. Graduates from our Beginner Manners or Puppy Kindergarden classes are welcome to join us on any week for a refresher of the exercise. Our upcoming schedule is as follows:

9/22 lesson 1- Sit, Down, and Learning theory
9/29 lesson 2- Attention and Manners
10/6 lesson 3- Leash Walking/Heel
10/13 lesson 4- Come when called and the Whistle recall
10/20 lesson 1 (see aforementioned lesson)
10/27 lesson 2
11/3 lesson 3
11/10 lesson 4
11/17 lesson 1
11/24 No Class
12/1 lesson 2
12/8 lesson 3
12/15 lesson 4
12/22 No class Holiday break
12/29 No class Holiday break

Dog Sports are fun, They provide both you and your dog with physical exercise and mental challenges that result in relaxation and a healthier state of mind and body. We are offering several sports options form your consideration. One is sure to be suitable for you and your dog!

Disc Dog clinic (frisbee) –
For fun or competition, our Disc Clinics will teach you and your dog how to throw, catch,and play the game safely. Our first clinic is with Alisha West and is open to handlers and dogs of all ages and abilities. Sunday April 1st. Our Morning session covers throwing, catching, and distance events. The afternoon session will cover disc freestyle. Attend one or both sessions. Space is limited, reserve your spot today! $45 per session or $60 for both! Continental breakfast, lunch, snacks included.

Flyball Class – our Flyball classes will begin Thursday April 12 th at 6:00 pm with Kim Foster. Learn how to safely condition and train your dog for The fast paced, fun sport of Flyball! Beginner Flyball training is open to dogs of all ages. Six week session $90

Treibball – Calling all Herding dogs ( and others!) Treibball (Ball Herding) will begin again at Dog Sense on Thursday April 19 th at 8:15 pm. Treibball is great for many different breeds of dogs, and will help to develop their off leash control and handler focus. Six week session $90

K9 Nosework- If your looking for a slower, more relaxed sport to train in, but one that is equally challenging for your dog Nosework may be the class for you! Dogs learn to identify and indicate particular odors when hidden, much like drug and bomb detection dogs do. We have heard Nosework is now being developed by the American Kennel club so we expect to see the sport grow in the next few years. Start your dog today and be the first of it’s breed to be titled in this new dog sport. Or simply use the training to provide an outlet for your dogs working desire in the comfort of your own home. Nosework can be done in restricted spaces and requires minimal financial or physical investment. Six weeks $90. Class begins Sunday April 15 th.

Musical Canine Freestyle – Dance with your dog! Learn to train the skills needed and develop a routine to compete in freestyle events or just to entertain crowds. A popular activity for therapy dogs as well as those with a creative side! Our next Freestyle class begins Monday April 2nd at 3:00. A waiting list for an evening class is being developed for those not available during the day.

The following video example is of a highly skilled freestyle routine. Simpler routines and levels are available, including heel work to music that doesn’t include the same skills as freestyle.

And finally coming in May….K9 Weight Pull! Weight Pull is an activity offered by various breed clubs and the United Kennel Club and believe it or not, weight pull in the UKC is open to all breeds of all sizes!

It’s looking like Winter took a wrong turn in PA this year, but at Dog Sense we aren’t complaining! Warmer temperatures have us already thinking about spring classes, trials, and other fun activities to do with the dogs!

If you’ve ever found enjoyment in a cooperative game or activity, whether it’s a rousing retrieve game, a hike in the woods, or a fun game of catch, dog sport activities may be a great new hobby for you and your dog! If you enjoy music and teaching your dog tricks, consider Musical Canine Freestyle. If your dog has a passion for play and a nose that never quits, k9 Nosework is a fun new sport that requires minimal expense and time, and is proving very enjoyable for dog and owner. For those who enjoy precision in movement, and a close partnership with their dog (or for dogs who prefer to be close to their owners!) competitive obedience or rally obedience may be the sport to try! A dog who can stop and drop on command, heel off leash, and retrieve something you drop or throw is truly a useful and connected companion! Classes for all of these sports, and others including Treibball and Agility are starting again soon! If you aren’t certain which activity is for you, give Wendy a call for a free evaluation!

The thought of spring also brings to mind the start of our next Dog About Town class! This six week class offers a flexible schedule, and the opportunity to develop your dogs manners to a higher level. Training occurs around “town” where the skills you’ve taught your dog are proofed against real life challenges. This class is suitable for any dog who’s completed our Advanced Manners class, or for our Canine Good Citizen and therapy dog owners who want to keep their dogs skills sharp! Orientation for Dog About Town is scheduled for April. Class attendance is limited to the first 10 dogs and handlers.

For our current Obedience and Rally students, there are some great local trials coming up this spring starting with the Celtic Cluster in March! It’s not too late to get your dog ready for Rally or Obedience! Call Wendy today to enroll in a competitive obedience class or Rally Obedience class. For our Competetive students, don’t forget our annual membership! If you train at Dog Sense year round, the annual membership is a great deal! Even if you skip a session or two, it is still a good value. Memberships accepted through February!

Excercise is good for both you and your dog. It promotes a healthy state of mind and body! As we move towards the winter months with it’s colder temperatures, and shorter daylight hours, our Fun Classes can provide you and your dog with a new way to get exercise in a welcoming social atmosphere. The only decision you need to make is which of these popular classes will be best for you and your dog! Here’s a brief overview of these classes:

K9 Nosework: Nose work classes involve your dog doing what he does best….using his nose! You dog is taught to identify and associate with particular scents and to locate them in a search of a pile of boxes, or in a room, or vehicle. This is a progressive class, introducing the foundation of scent work in the first few weeks and then building the dogs skill from there. Nose work is a great class for dogs who have a hard time focusing in the presence of other dogs as your dog will be the only dog in the ring while working. Other dogs will be expected to remain lying down quietly on a mat or in a crate in our viewing area while another dog is working. This class is suitable for dogs of any size and physical ability and people of almost any age and physical ability. this is a low impact, inexpensive class to train in (minimal equipment required). Nose work classes are currently being scheduled for Sundays at 1:00 beginning Nov. 6th.

Treibball: Ball herding or Soccer for dogs, is a sport developed in Germany to encourage and enhance cooperation and communication between dog and handler. The dog, on direction from it’s handlcuts selects a ball, and drives it with it’s nose to the goal cage and continues until all the balls are successfully in the goal! This is a low impact activity for the dog but a great outlet for excess energy and drive! Exercise balls and other equipment is required. Treibball begins Sunday November 6 th at 3:00 pm!

Agility For Fun: Agility is a popular sport for dogs and handlers that has been around since the late 80′s. At Dog Sense we offer recreational Agility classes for fun and exercise. Our courses are designed for safety while still offering fun and physical challenges. This is a high impact activity for the dog, and handlers must be willing to keep safety and physical conditioning in mind. Handlers must also be in good physical condition and must wear sneakers or similar rubber soled, lace on shoes. No slip-on shoes allowed. If you or your dogs are not suitable for agility for fun, stay tuned for our upcoming Pet Challenge courses a toned down agility style playground for dogs beginning in January. Agility for Fun begins Sunday November 6th at 2:00.

Are you interested in all three of the above classes but can’t attend all three on a Sunday? Try our Sports Sampler Class beginning Monday Nov. 7 th at 6:00 pm. The Sports Sampler class will introduce the foundation skills for Treibball, Agility, Nosework, Obedience, and other Sports classes so that you can decide which class to focus on in the next session! This is also a great class for puppies who’s owners have competitive dog sports in their plans!

Controlled Canine Class: our ever popular Control class is back! Does your dog become overexcited and unable to control itself around other dogs or people? Or maybe it has a hard time relaxing in new areas or around loud noises and other distractions. This is the class for you! Develop better control of your dog and achieve great focus and responsiveness to basic commands no matter what the environment! There is one spot remaining in our current class! Class begins this evening October 27th at 8:15. The next session begins in January!

Puppy and Adult Playgroups: The fun of a dog park with the safety of a closed, limited group with safe play measures in place including sanitized play area, and supervision by an experienced play group supervisor. This is a drop in, come when you want/pay as you go activity. Reservations are required. Drop ins will be accommodated if there is a spot available in the group. Play group sessions are available as follows: Saturdays 10:30 – puppies and small dogs
11:30 – medium andlarge dogs or rough and tumble smaller dogs
1:00 – puppies and small dogs
Sundays 4:00 – puppies and small dogs

Call us today to enroll your dog in any of these classes! 717-509-5652 or

Its here…the special incentive program I hinted at a few weeks ago on Facebook!

Do you train at Dog Sense and actively participate in an activity with your dog, such as rally obedience, therapy work, pet training, or other activity? Does your dog attend daycare? Do you regularly read our facebook page or blog? Would you like to have the opportunity to help promote dog sports and activities to others and earn special incentives and prizes? If so, join our Ambassador program!

Email Wendy for more Information on our new and unique opportunity!

Standard of Perfection – Inspirational Videos

I recently was participating in a discussion regarding obedience training. Without getting into the actual discussion here, I made a comment that “it all depends on ones standard of perfection”. What picture do you have in your head of the Ideal you are striving to achieve. You may watch a 200 score performance and think “my dog could never do that”, or you could be thinking “someday I’d like to achieve that”. Others may watch a 175 score performance and be quite content seeing that level of performance as their goal. Although I always say it’s as easy to train for 200′s as it is for 175′s please note that Training used in this manner means teaching the behavior. Not the hours of training and levels of proofing to assure a 200. And despite being able to train for a 200 not all of us want to wait till our dog and we are ready for that 200.

Just the same, I think if I asked many of my competitive students what compelled them to get into competive performance sports many would tell me it was from watching a certain dog and handler at an event. A few may say it was the thrill of seeing their dog glide through the moves with energy and enjoyment. Either way, they saw a “standard of perfection” that they wanted to see again. However nowadays some savvy dog owners are coming to performance training because they have an intelligent (and possibly energetic) dog who needs a “job” . Or they have heard that training and canine performance activities are good activities for both person and dog in the terms of physical activity, stress reduction, and enjoyment. It is for those owners, and others who have long since forgotten their original Standard of Perfection that I am listing these videos for you to watch! I hope you find them to be Inspiring!

Here’s an ESS. Note: this is at a match show, so corrections may be seen!

A Brussels Griffon

Click to open in a new tab or browser window

Schutzhund Style Heeling but well done video!

Fun! A Great Dane Drill Team!

Here you go…not a 200 but I love this one

Hi everyone! I’m transferring another valuable post from my old blog to this one. Some of you have read it before, but I feel it’s worth repeating here especially as rescuing homeless dogs is now a popular way to find a new canine companion and many are of mixed or unproven descent. Enjoy:

Calling all owners of Mixed breeds who enjoy training and other activities with their dogs: Did you know that your dog is now eligible for AKC Performance events? Visit for more information.

Although I feel strongly about the promotion of purebred dogs and think there is nothing better than a carefully bred/raised purebred puppy; I also know from experience that there are some intelligent, eager mixed breeds who’d love to strut their stuff in the performance rings! Although mixed breeds have been welcome in other performance venues for a number of years (Ambor, ASCA, and I believe UKC) the AKC performance rings are still among the most prevelant/accessible. With the AKC creating a program that allows mixed breeds it means that most mixed breed owners in our area now have lots of opportunities to participate with their dogs in Obedience, Rally Obedience, and Agility (as well as tracking and other activities). My first two obedience trained dogs were mixed breeds. (the second I trained at the age of 11 with Kaye …anyone who knows my age now knows that this was many years ago! LOL) I remember watching the purebred dogs owned by the training instructors and hearing a little about the activities they did. I wanted to get involved but didn’t know how. I’m sure since my dog was a mixed breed and this was just a basic obedience class…no one thought to discuss it with me. I was a determined child, but not outgoing (believe it or not) so pursuing the idea was something that wouldn’t happen till I was an adult. Needless to say I am Excited to see what opening doors to mixed breeds might do for people and their dogs in terms of having fun in performance events! The next top handler might just be a young 11 y/o who thinks she can’t go to dog shows because she has a mixed breed dog. And now she can!

The following is a reposted from Dec. 1, 2009 originally posted on my old blog.

I recently participated in a month long study of Karen Pryors newest book Reaching The Animal Mind. One of the things the book answered for me was “WHY” is the dog more responsive to the mechanical “click” than to a spoken word. I knew it was, I have seen it time and time again amongst the dogs in class who’s owners use a mechanical click vs those who use a word paired with the reinforcer. The dogs with the mechanical clicks learn faster and work differently…more “sharply” and possibly with a bit more focus. But I couldn’t explain the “why’s” beyond the possibility that perhaps the owners timing was simply off. (it has been proven that the timing of the click Is faster than the timing of a spoken word)

This book discusses the Amygdale, the small area of the brain that is a common factor in all animals right down to the smallest/simplest of creatures. While I’m not a believer the evolution theory, I do believe all living beings follow a similar “blueprint”. The book explained that a part of this blueprint is the inclusion of the Amygdale even in living creatures who’s brain is fairly simple. Apparently the mechanical sound, triggers a response deep down in the brain (at the Amygdalia) which has a fast, lasting effect on the animal.

Here is an explaination, in Karen Pryors words, that I hope will also help explain the speed and enthusiasm that develops in the Clicker trained dog.

All animals, right down to crabs and fish, anything with a nervous system, pickup on the importance of the message in conditioned reinforcers, because of the way they work in the brain. That click, properly used, goes through theamydgala, creates chemical changes, neural changes, memory, AND a feeling ofexcitement that stays with the learner, no matter what the species. Moderntraining, using a marker, taps into a very old system that we normally only reach when we frighten the animal—and then it’s a completely different kind of message, going through another part of the amygdale and creating chemicalchanges, memory, and a feeling—a bad feeling, never quite forgotten. – K. Pryor, as written to DogRead 2009

Triebball or Drive Ball

Treiball is an exciting new sport suitable for almost any dog, but perfect for the high energy, high drive dog. It can be taught and practiced just for fun, or you can join competitions. Regardless training for treiball can help take your communication to the next level with your dog! Training for Treiball helps build focus and off leash control while also being a great outlet for your dogs mental and physical energy.

Although Treiball is the word for Ball Herding, Comparing this activity to soccer for dogs is also an excellent description.

Dog Sense is offering this enjoyable activity and classes are ongoing Sundays at 2:00pm.

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