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Standard of Perfection – Inspirational Videos

I recently was participating in a discussion regarding obedience training. Without getting into the actual discussion here, I made a comment that “it all depends on ones standard of perfection”. What picture do you have in your head of the Ideal you are striving to achieve. You may watch a 200 score performance and think “my dog could never do that”, or you could be thinking “someday I’d like to achieve that”. Others may watch a 175 score performance and be quite content seeing that level of performance as their goal. Although I always say it’s as easy to train for 200′s as it is for 175′s please note that Training used in this manner means teaching the behavior. Not the hours of training and levels of proofing to assure a 200. And despite being able to train for a 200 not all of us want to wait till our dog and we are ready for that 200.

Just the same, I think if I asked many of my competitive students what compelled them to get into competive performance sports many would tell me it was from watching a certain dog and handler at an event. A few may say it was the thrill of seeing their dog glide through the moves with energy and enjoyment. Either way, they saw a “standard of perfection” that they wanted to see again. However nowadays some savvy dog owners are coming to performance training because they have an intelligent (and possibly energetic) dog who needs a “job” . Or they have heard that training and canine performance activities are good activities for both person and dog in the terms of physical activity, stress reduction, and enjoyment. It is for those owners, and others who have long since forgotten their original Standard of Perfection that I am listing these videos for you to watch! I hope you find them to be Inspiring!

Here’s an ESS. Note: this is at a match show, so corrections may be seen!


A Brussels Griffon

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Schutzhund Style Heeling but well done video!

Fun! A Great Dane Drill Team!

Here you go…not a 200 but I love this one

Dog Sense Students and friends had a great weekend at the Celtic Cluster in York, PA. This cluster of dog shows began Wednesday Mar. 16 and ended March 20. And offered both Conformation, Obedience, and Rally Obedience classes.

Student results from Conformation are still trickling in, however congratulations are in order to Sherrie and Barry Bixler And their Weimeraners. Puppy Cash picked up his first point at his first show, young Jazz Picked up two single wins in the beginning of the cluster followed by a 4 point major, and their week ended with Diva picking up a 3 pt major win on Sunday! Can anyone else top that level of success this past weekend! Whew!

Also a huge Congratulations to Kaye Ames and German Shorthair Pointer Dana…Dana completed her championship Sunday with her final major! Dana is still a youngster, not yet 1 yr of age and has taken the show ring by storm!

In the Obedience and Rally rings smiles and successes were common. The weekend started off with Bob finishing the CD on Rottweiler Storm with a 2 nd place in Novice A. Luanne and French Bulldog Edison won the crowd over and a 4 th place in Novice B Saturday to earn their 1 st leg towards their CD. Pat and Rottweiler Coach also earned their 2 nd leg towards their CD with a 2nd place in Novice A with a 2nd place! In Rally Advanced congratulations is in order to Sid and Judy Erb. Their Doberman Tucker completed his RA title and in doing so completed the Requirements for his ROM (register of merit) with the Doberman Pinscher Club of America. Thank you for allowing me to play a part in that achievement! I really did enjoy showing him for you!

Also in Rally advanced, Erin and Newfoundlands Blitz and Maeve both completed their RA titles. In Rally Novice A, Susan and Collie Magic completed their RN. Also in Rally Novice A Roxanne and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Nikki completed their RN title with two second place awards, and Amanda and River completed theirs with a second place and a first!

Congratulations to all of you, I am so proud of you for getting out their and proving all of your hard work by stepping in to the trial ring!

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