Dog Sense with Wendy offers a broad spectrum of classes, seminars, and training designed to maximize your enjoyment of your canine companion. Our trainers are experienced in canine competition, overcoming behavioral challenges, basic obedience, and preparation for Therapy Dog evaluation and the Canine Good Citizen test.


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Pet Training and Fun Classes



PET TRAINING - We offer the following classes to help you develop good manners in your canine companion. Basic commands are taught, along with skills to help teach good manners, problem solving for behaviors such as jumping and barking. In Advanced Manners we work on reliability and off leash control.


  1. Puppy Kindergarden - Puppies 9-16 weeks of age at the start of class.
  2. Beginner Manners - Puppies/dogs 16 weeks of age through adulthood
  3. Advanced Manners - the next step after Beginner Manners. In Advanced Manners we work on reliability and off leash control.

Groups are small (4-8 dogs), encouraging camaraderie and an open exchange of ideas.

All class sessions are six weeks long and cost $105



DOG ABOUT TOWN CLASS -A "field trip" class, where training is done in a new location each week to develop and proof your dogs manners. *prerequisite classes - Controlled Canine Class, Advanced Manners, or any competitive obedience class. This class begins with a week one orientation held at the school, and then you choose which additional 5 field trips you would like to attend.


$105 per 6 week session


AGILITY FOR FUN! - This class allows you and your dog to have fun learning to run a course that is designed for fun and exercise. Classes are held Fall through Spring.


$12 a week
or buy 5 classes, get one free with our agility card! ($60/6weeks)



TREIBBALL A.K.A. DRIVE BALL -a Herding game without the sheep! Treiball is an exciting new sport suitable for almost any dog, but perfect for the high energy, high drive dog. It can be taught and practiced just for fun, or you can join competitions. Regardless training for treiball can help take your communication to the next level with your dog! Training for Treiball helps build focus and off leash control while also being a great outlet for your dogs mental and physical energy.

Here's a video to help you further understand Treiball.



$95 per 6 week session


New Class NOSEWORK- Another new sport for dogs, Nosework is catching in with it's simple fun training, and the natural ability all dogs have to succeed in this activity. Handlers will develop a greater appreciation of and understanding of their dogs. Dogs get to have fun doing what they do best and being rewarded for it!


$105 per 6 week session



Competition Services


COMPETITIVE OBEDIENCE CLASSES -  We offer the following obedience classes: 

  1. Rally Obedience
  2. Pre-Novice Puppy
  3. Novice
  4. Open
  5. Utility
  6. Combined Progressive Obedience

Groups are small (4-8 dogs), encouraging camaraderie and an open exchange of ideas.

$95 per 6 week session.



  1. A drop-in class is offered for handlers and dogs of all levels needing more experience in preparing or training their dog for the conformation ring.  This is the class you need if you aspire to attend Westminster or the National Dog Show someday!  Come as you want, pay as you go.  
    $12 per week

  2. A Beginners scheduled handling class is offered several times throughout the year for both beginner handlers looking to improve their handling abilities, and for beginner dogs/puppies needing to learn the necessary skills. *call or email for availability

    $70 per 4 week session 



Behavioral Services

BEHAVIOUR COUNSELING SESSIONS- Is your dog fearful, aggressive, hyperactive? Have you tried “everything” and nothing seems to help your problem dog?  We will be happy to schedule a counseling session to get to the root of the problem and set up a plan to retrain your dog using positive methods that will build your relationship with your dog.  No dog is impossible to train if the owner is dedicated and the instructor experienced.
Situational Rates Apply - base $70 an hour

CONTROLLED CANINE CLASS -A six week behavioral class to teach you the skills and techniques needed to develop self-control in your out-of-control dog! Using all positive methods, Wendy will show you how to help your dog become the well-behaved companion you always dreamed of!
$105 per 6 week session

CONTROLLED CANINE ADVANCED CLASS - Take your training one step further and out about town! Our goals for this class focus on reliability, and good manners in the face of an ever changing environment. This class will include one or two " field trips" to a local area and a Canine Good Citizen evaluation (optional, addl. Fees may apply). This class is open to former Controlled Canines Students. Other students with prior training and private lesson students will be evaluated and accepted on a case by case basis.
$100 per 6 week session






Canine Certification (Canine Good Citizen & Therapy Dog Class)



CANINE GOOD CITIZEN CLASS - This class will prepare you for the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen certification. The program stresses responsible dog ownership for owners and basic training and good manners for dogs. This is a rapidly growing, nationally recognized program that serves as an excellent foundation for future training. (see also our new Controlled Canine Advanced Class - in the Behavioral Class section)

  1. The AKC has prepared an excellent brochure about the program. You may read it here.
  2. If you are interested in this training, please contact us.

$105 per 6 week session (additional fees for AKC CGC certification)



THERAPY DOG TRAINING - This class will train and prepare your dog to be tested for therapy dog certification. This class will will introduce the skills you and your dog need to develop into a safe and effective therapy dog team. Please contact us for further information regarding this training.


$105 per 6 week session (additional fees for course materials)




Private Training


- If you don't wish to attend a group class or are unable to, private lessons are available.  Private lessons can be used to learn anything the dog owner wishes: better communication with your dog, basic obedience, to develop better manners, or to train for a competitive dog sport.  Discounts available for multiple lessons.  Prices vary based on time and location. 
Base rate $60 per hour.


DAY TRAINING Don't have time to train your dog?  Contact us regarding private training and board/train options for your dog.   We will train your dog, and then explain to you how to follow through and maintain the training once established.
Price varies based on type and frequency of training.


LONG DISTANCE TRAINING/CONSULTATION- Behaviour counseling and training is available by phone or email consultations.  For more information on this service, contact Wendy . 

Fee varies, initial email consultation $25.